Passionate about serving others

We are all part of this story – volunteers, donors, staff, and the people we serve.

Our People

CityTeam is led by people who are passionate about serving God and serving others. Each member of our leadership team and Board of Trustees has unique expertise and experience that has equipped them to be effective leaders in our cities.

Glen Peterson


In each of the cities that we serve, our goal is to bring innovative solutions to the most pressing set of needs faced by individuals and communities. Because the challenges of poverty, homelessness and isolation have become more widespread and complex, we’ve embarked on a 5 year vision to dramatically expand our program offerings. Through this strategic plan, we are going both wide and deep to meet the needs of the families living in our poorest neighborhoods. Recognizing that the face of homelessness continues to change and grow, we’ve also dramatically expanded our residential program offerings which provide a safe and loving environment for men, women and children to begin a new life.

I’m blessed to have had exposure to a wide range of business and ministry related issues prior to joining CityTeam. This includes a 30 year career as a senior executive in the technology industry and a variety of leadership roles at my local church. It’s a privilege to fulfill this special calling and serve alongside a group of passionate and talented staff members, as well as the thousands of volunteers and donors who are part of the CityTeam family.

MEet our team

Jill Aufricht

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Martinez

CityTeam Oakland & SF Executive Director

Richona McKnight

CityTeam Chester Executive Director

Lance Orton

CityTeam Portland Executive Director

Angela Aguilar

Executive Director of Human Resources

Melanie Davis

VP of Marketing and Development


Dennis Powell

Chairman (2016)
Former Executive Vice President & CFO, Cisco Systems

Joan Braddi

Vice Chair (2008)
Vice President, Global Partnership, Google, Inc.

Bruce Gregory

Treasurer (2016)
Managing Partner, Stone Table Advisors, LP

Michelle Rock

Secretary (2019)
Chair, CityTeam Women of Impact

Glen Peterson

President (2017)
President, CityTeam

Dr. Anthony T. Williams

Director (1995)
Founding Pastor Emeritus, Maranatha Christian Center

Pastor Paul Bains

Director (2018)
President/Co-Founder, Project WeHOPE

Patrick Tang

Director (2019)
Former Vice President, Technology,
Hardware, Amazon

natalie cochran

Director (2024)