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In just 20 minutes, you can create or update your legally‑binding will with Freewill.

A will is important for everyone and can be useful regardless of estate size. It’s a way to support the people and causes important to you. Having a will ensures that your wishes are known, saving your loved ones the stress and cost of intestate probate proceedings.

When you create or update your will with our partner, FreeWill, you have the opportunity to leave a gift to CityTeam and continue your legacy of changing lives.

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How FreeWill works.

Fill out online.
It only takes 20 minutes to fill out the information needed to create your last will and testament.

Print out forms.
The information you provide is combined with the precise language of our legal forms, and provided back to you as a printable will.

Sign & keep safe.
To make your will official, print and sign the will according to the attached instructions. Keep your new will somewhere safe but accessible.


Pair FreeWill with an attorney.
If you have a larger estate, children with special needs, or complicated family dynamics, or, for any other reason, you require customized legal advice, you may want to pair FreeWill with an experienced attorney’s help.

We provide all our will-makers with free forms and a free summary of their will intentions to bring to an attorney (saving time and money).

A platform you can trust.

Estate planning is traditionally considered complex, scary, and expensive. FreeWill build a simple tool that anyone can use to create these important documents. All estate plans made using FreeWill are 100% legal and specifically tailored to your jurisdiction.

CityTeam has chosen FreeWill as their partner for legacy giving based on their commitment to data security, simplicity, and desire to do good.

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