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Stories of Lived Experience Brought to You

At CityTeam, we love sharing the stories that make us who we are. If you would like to invite one of our staff subject matter experts to speak at your next gathering, we would be happy to arrange a visit.

30% of our staff graduated from one of our life restoring programs. There is so much value in learning from individuals with lived experience in homelessness, poverty, hunger and addiction. To get inspired, gain insight, and discuss solutions, contact us to coordinate a date with one of our representatives.

Where can a CityTeam speaker visit*? 
  1. Churches and Places of Worship
    Include CityTeam in an upcoming service to raise awareness or share a message with your congregation.
  2. School Assemblies or Clubs
    Our message of community restoration can be made appropriate for all ages. Bring a speaker in to educate the next generation and ignite hope for a brighter future.
  3. Corporate Events or Philanthropic Groups
    Our speakers can answer questions, engage in discussion, prompt opportunities for philanthropic gifts, and bring a spirit of community service into your workplace culture.
  4. And more! Reach out and let's discuss.

For professional media related inquiries or interviews, please contact Angela Baldwin at

If you are a journalism student pursuing a conversation, please email

*CityTeam is located in 5 U.S. cities: San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, and Chester, PA. We cannot guarantee in-person attendance at gatherings that require significant travel beyond the cities we serve.