Women's Residential Programs

San Jose

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Our transitional housing for women and children provides a refuge of hope for women facing homelessness, addiction, poverty, and domestic violence.
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'I was on the streets with my 3 kids. CityTeam is my backbone. I am here because of them."


Our services

We desire to meet you where you are in your journey and provide hope for the future. One of our restorative residential programs might be a good fit for you.

Case Management
Financial Literacy Classes
Career Counseling
Life Skills Classes
Goal Setting & Action Plans
Supportive Community
Community Resource Links
Referrals to Medical Services
Mother & Baby Resources
Spiritual Empowerment

We understand no story is the same. We all have different struggles. CityTeam can help...

Overcome addictive behavior and live a renewed life.

CityTeam's year-long restorative residential programs for women and children provide an opportunity to restore your life from the grips of substance abuse. We provide resources for healing in a safe and stable environment.

Find safety from homelessness and domestic abuse.

CityTeams immediate housing provides a refuge of hope for women and children feeling domestic violence, experiencing homelessness, or at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

Provide shelter and resources through pregnancy for you and your newborn.

CityTeam supports pregnant women facing homelessness by walking alongside mothers through the birth and infancy of their child. We provide safe shelter, physical resources, emotional support, and a loving community.

Pursue career counseling and job stability

Women in our residential programs have access to our learning and career center, CityTeam @ Work. Individualized counseling and vocational training empower women to reach their career goals, pursue their passions, and achieve long-term financial stability.

Provide a safe and caring environment for your children.

Breaking the generational cycle of instability is at the heart of our restorative programs. We provide childcare, parenting classes, and a loving family environment for children to heal and thrive.

Work towards a successful future after exiting foster care.

Our home for young women ages 18-24 supports individuals at risk of becoming homeless. We provide a sober living environment where women learn essential life skills and pursue a stable future.

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