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Our transitional housing programs provides restoration to men facing homelessness, addiction, and instability.
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"I was on the streets broken with no hope. CityTeam helped mend my brokenness and I now walk with my head held high with purpose again.”


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We desire to meet you where you are in your journey and provide hope for the future. One of our restorative residential programs might be a good fit for you.

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It's Never too Late for a Second Chance

Restorative Residential Program

CityTeam Men’s Renew Program is a one year restorative residential program for men struggling with homelessness and/or addictive behavior. The program provides housing and essential resources while residents work towards long-term solutions and healing. Men are offered trauma sensitive mentoring, individualized career counseling, 12 Step meetings, and a faith-based foundation.

Men will engage in meaningful community outreach as part of their journey. Through this process, residents gain life skills and build a healthy community rooted in service. Residents graduate from  CityTeam with stable housing, a living-wage job, financial literacy, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Bridge Housing for Working Men

CityTeam Turning Point is a transitional housing program providing a bridge to financial stability for working men who have suddenly found themselves homeless, or who are at-risk of becoming homeless.

Residents are given the opportunity to regain their footing without wondering where their next meal will come from, or if they will have a safe place to sleep. 

All residents have access to individualized career counseling and job placement through CityTeam’s learning and career center. When a resident secures stable housing and a reliable income, they transition out of Turning Point with hope for the future.

“I began to grow and adapt in the environment here at CityTeam and really find myself. Each day was a new opportunity for me to become a better version of myself and took I advantage of that.”

Transitional Housing for At-Risk Youth

CityTeam Youth Collective in Oakland is a transitional housing program for young men, ages 18 to 24, providing a bridge to independent adult living. Many residents who join us are exiting the Foster Care system.

Through individualized mentoring, staff members help men identify and achieve employment, housing, education, and healthy living goals.

Education goals often include achieving high school completion, scoring well on college placement tests, pursuing a college degree, or passing pre-employment tests. On an as-needed basis, CityTeam Youth Collective will refer participants to appropriate behavioral and mental health services.

If pursuing a college degree, residents are allowed to stay with us for up to 5 years. When a resident secures stable housing and a reliable income, they transition out of Youth Collective with hope for the future.

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