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CityTeam Forward is transitional housing for graduates of CityTeam Renew. This program is offered for men and/or women in San Jose, Oakland, Portland, and Chester.
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"At CityTeam, there's structure. I learned to to let go, to forgive, and not hold resentments."


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We desire to meet you where you are in your journey and provide hope for the future. One of our restorative residential programs might be a good fit for you.

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Moving Forward

CityTeam Forward is a residential aftercare program specifically for CityTeam Renew graduates.* With this sober and affordable living environment, graduates are able to safeguard their journey to restoration as they reintegrate into society. CityTeam Forward housing is available for both men and/or women in 4 of 5 cities we serve.

Residents move forward as active members in their community, supported by the healthy relationships they fostered at CityTeam. The safety and stability found at our Forward homes often provides parents the opportunity to reunify with their children.

CityTeam Forward for men is offered in San Jose, Oakland, Chester and Portland.

CityTeam Forward for women and children is offered in San Jose (House of Light) and Oakland.

*CityTeam Forward housing is reserved for individuals who have been through one of our year-long restorative residential programs and is not available to the general public in need of assistance.

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