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We provide education, training, and certification programs to help people attain living-wage jobs, secure stable housing, and a budget for financial stability.
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"Through CityTeam I found a place to rebuild, train for a new career, and find hope again."

Madison, IT Professional

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We desire to meet you where you are in your journey and provide hope for the future. One of our restorative residential programs might be a good fit for you.

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CityTeam's Learning and Career Center

CityTeam @ Work, our learning and career center, is core and central to CityTeam's approach to lasting restoration. Individualized career counseling is provided for all members of our residential programs.

Our residents pursue success in a variety of ways depending on their goals and past experience. Accomplishments range from:

  • Achieving high school equivalency
  • Acquiring specialized trade certifications
  • Enrolling and completing college level courses
  • Pursuing IT and technology training
  • Becoming certified as a drug and alcohol counselor

CityTeam @ Work also helps residents obtain necessary documentation for stable employment and housing such as lost birth certificates and identification.

The skills I learned at CityTeam completely changed my life. I am so appreciative to CityTeam @ Work for encouraging me to get a living wage job and a career.

Our Approach

We want our residents to gain confidence and economic mobility. It's important to us that individuals pursue a living-wage career that they are passionate about. Through 1-on-1 career mentorship, CityTeam @ Work staff and volunteers support students until their goals are achieved.

Residents are required to attend classes and workshops on a weekly basis. Classes include financial literacy, budgeting, and resume writing workshops.

Men and women must attain a job, secure stable housing, and budget for financial stability in order to graduate from one of CityTeam's restorative residential programs.

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