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Cityteam's Heritage Home is excited to be a part of this year's Silicon Valley Gives! Join the movement to make an impact in the Silicon Valley now through May 3, 2016.

With a $50,000 matching gift, your donation will have twice the impact in changing the lives of the women and babies at Heritage Home who are overcoming homelessness. Every little bit helps--will you make a donation and help us spread the word?

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Heritage Home

Here at Cityteam's Heritage Home we have been providing a long-term compassionate ministry for years to homeless, poor and abandoned women who are pregnant and have no where else to turn but the streets. Often these pregnant women who are without food or shelter resort to their dark thoughts of abortion. In the United States 48% of pregnancies are unintended, and half of those are terminated by abortion*. We are trying to be a light of hope in these women's lives - looking at the whole situation - to meet their immediate needs and work out long-term solutions through our multiple programs.

Through your prayers and financial support - you can partner with us to assure that these pregnant women who are ready to experience "real change" in their lives will have the necessary help and counseling they need to find real hope.

Rescue One Life, Save Two

Heritage Home

435 North Third Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 294-1238