The time to give hope to people who need it in our community is now. Please give a gift that makes these moments possible for men, women and children in your city.

What would your city look like if we stopped ignoring homelessness? If we paid attention to neighbors in need.

That difference starts with YOU. Stand with CityTeam today to help care for immediate needs and enable lasting solutions that bring hope to our community.

Lynne went almost two weeks without food before she found CityTeam

“Yes. I was hungry. I hated that feeling. I was walking around with my duffel bag full of clothes, and I was starving. I came to CityTeam and they served me a meal and helped me in so many ways.” – Lynne

Here's what some of our volunteers are sharing:

"I was impressed in how well organized you are, specially of course the kitchen, the set up serving meals works very well, I was so blessed by all of you, may God bless you all."
"Thank You for allowing us to help serve. This is our first time serving. We also met quite a few first timers. We both had a great time. We will help serve again."

This is Your CityTeam

Find this work inspiring? Join us and hundreds of others in the community who care about our neighbors experiencing hunger and homelessness.

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