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Thank You for Helping Change Lives in 2012!

2012 has been especially hard in raising enough funds to keep our vital programs going. The need, however, continues to grow. We are currently facing a significant financial shortfall in the funds we need to help provide hot meals, safe shelter, recovery programs, counseling, food boxes and other essential care through our programs that serve the poor and homeless. Your gift will help the city you choose to continue serving the needs of their community.

Join with us in the new year to help provide meals and emergency food boxes to individuals and families in need - just select the Cityteam location you would like to donate to from the buttons on the right.

What friends like you provide during these first few days of 2013 will determine how much we can do together this year to positively impact our community.

There is still time to help the poor & homeless. Give a Year-End Gift Today.

Select the Cityteam location you would like to partner with this Christmas by clicking on one of the buttons to the right.
  • $1.89 provides a hot meal for an individual in need.
  • $35 helps one family with a food box and other essential care.
  • $35 a day puts an individual through our recovery program and gives them a new beginning.
  • $50 provides warm beds and meals in our shelter.
  • $100 will Adopt—A—Family (food box, winter clothing, and other essential care).
  • $200 will adopt two (2) families (food box, winter clothing, and other essential care).

  • Thank you for choosing to share your holiday this year. The simple gifts from your heart will provide compassionate care for those who are lost and in need.